NSN 1670-01-630-0376

ATI DM 10000B Dereefer ES Rev

The Electro Mechanical Dereefing Device allows for the dereefing of G-11 A/B/C cargo parachute Canopies.


The Electro Mechanical Dereefing Device allows for the dereefing of G-11 A/B/C cargo parachute Canopies.


The Electro Mechanical Dereefing Device is a reusable component that replaces the 1377-M500 (M-21), and MLU-58/B Pyrotechnic Reefing Line Cutter. This device uses a fabricated, reusable segmented reefing line. Also used with special applications on other selected airdrop systems. Major components: main body, arming pin, time setting arm, arming wire and arming screw. Uses standard mounting bracket provided on the parachute.


The device works when the canopy of a G-11 A/B/C cargo parachute is deploying from the deployment bag. The device is mounted in the same brackets as the M-21 reefing line cutters, located on the special reinforced panels near the skirt of the canopy. During the deployment phase, the arming wire secured to the deployment bag is pulled. The device retracts the shaft after the preset 2-second delay for the G-11 A/B/C, allowing the looped ends of the segmented reefing lines to be free to dereef the canopy skirt. Two devices are required for the G-11 A/C and four devices for the G-11B cargo parachutes. This device has a fixed 2-second delay.

NSN: 1670-01-630-0376
Model Number: DM-500
Delay Range: 2 seconds
Part No.: DM-10000B
Weight: 1.2 lbs / 0.55 kg


50 operational uses or 3 years (whatever occurs first)
Battery shelf life: 5 years
No battery replacement over life of unit


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