Troop and tactical parachute systems

The Tactical Parachute System is intended for the Special Forces of each country in the world for performing combat tasks.

Troop and tactical parachute systems

The Tactical Parachute System is intended for the Special Forces of each country in the world for performing combat tasks.

Parachute System of German company Paratec that is represented by Avitec offers the latest innovations in terms of military performance, comfort, safety, security and interoperability.

The Multi-mission TW-9 340 Mk2 Parachute System has been designed to meet demanding requirements, like reliability, use in hard conditions as well as high glide ratio or the total suspended weight.

The TW-9 340 Mk2Parachute System is highly versatile with regard to its operational use. With its subsystems ingeniously integrated the TW-9 340 Mk2 reflects a modern parachute weapon system. Tested and certified up to maximum suspended weight of 225 kg and a maximum deployment speed of 210 KIAS this modular concept is the most efficient Spec Ops system covering today’s mission profiles. The main parachute activation can be carried out by throw out pilot chute (hand deploy), drogue chute manual, static line drogue chute and static line with direct bag.

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The TW-9 340 Mk2 Tactical Parachute System combines an excellent glide ratio with exceptionally good slow flight characteristics, virtually stall free.

The Tactical System in combination with the SG7-100 personal cargo harness reflects the most versatile and efficient parachute system developed for tactical operations. The TW-9 system is already used by many countries for operational jumps in war zone.

Troop Parachute Systems allow for premeditated jumps from aircrafts. They are used from low altitudes to land safe on the ground and proceed with military operations.

The Troop Parachute System RZ-21 resembles the newest generation of a long tradition of German troop parachute technology. Designed and developed with superior 3D computing power and design applications.
It is a new breed of troop parachute system, reflecting today’s mission profiles, and has been designed with our in depth knowledge for intelligent solutions.

RZ-21 is steerable hybrid troop parachute system. It is manufactured with the utmost focus on workmanship and to the tightest tolerances coming from a ram air parachute background.

The RZ-21 troop system is based on a modular concept to make it easy for mixed operations with existing models and receptive for supporting technologies such as AADs and special deployment methods.
The harness construction is that of a split harness and both, harness and container reflect nearly 30 years of experience and successful products in building parachute harness/container systems.

The RZ-21 troop system features a compact design and is available in 2 versions: 

  • RZ-21-0, steerable with no self-drive
  • RZ-21-1, steerable with self-drive

Troop and tactical parachute systems

Mullion Slim-Line 290 Lifejacket

Mullion is a producer of Marine Safety and Personal Floatation Devices that are designed to protect lives in some of the harshest and unforgiving environments.
TW-9 340 Mk2

TW-9 340 Mk2 Tactical System

Based on a modular concept. The TW-9 340 Mk2 is a complete weapon system, with all sub-systems generously integrated.

RZ-21-0 / RZ-21-1 Troop Parachute System

The RZ-21 resembles our latest innovation. It’s a steerable hybrid round troop parachute system.  Manufactured with the utmost focus on workmanship.


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