Advanced Cargo Parachute Release System. Device that is simple to operate and easy to understand.

Nomenclature: ACPRS – Advanced Cargo Parachute Release System


Wamore’s Talon Parachute Release (“ACPRS” – Advanced Cargo Parachute Release System) uses an innovative and unique methodology for separating a canopy or canopies from their payload only after the payload has been safely delivered to the DZ. Talon’s advanced sensor suite & algorithm brings unparalleled reliability lacking in other parachute releases. The Talon PR has been selected by the US Army as the replacement for the existing M1 / M2 parachute releases that have been in use for 40+ years.

White Talon PR is advanced, the user is presented a device that is simple to operate and easy to understand, incorporating components, nomenclature, and rigging techniques that (s)he will already be familiar with from training on the current M1 / M2 release.

Talon vital statistics

The Talon presents a modular approach to Parachute Release solutions. A single Talon is capable of managing up to 5 G-11 parachutes.


Talon -1 Configuration
Capacity Gross Weight Length Height Width
0 – 25,000lbs 32lbs 19″ 6.6″ 8.3″
(0 – 11,350kg) (14.5kg) (48cm) (17cm) (21cm)

Two Talon Parachute Releases can be attached together in less than 5 minutes using simple hand tools and the Talon -2 Assembly Kit.

Talon -2 Configuration
Capacity Gross Weight Length Height Width
25,001 – 40,000lbs 63lbs 21″ 8.375″ 8.5″
(11,350kg – 18, 182kg) (28.6kg) (53cm) (21cm) (22cm)


Talon Capabilities /special features
Weight Attitude Speed
0 – 40,000lbs As low as 500′ 90 – 150KIAS


Omni – directional

Modular Design

No consumables or pyrotechnics


Wamore Inc.

Solutions provider to the defense industry
1907 W. Parkside Lane,
Phoenix, AZ 85027

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