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Another Tactical Parachute Demo in Izmir

We have spent one week in Izmir to make the presentation and training of Tactical Parachute System – ANTARES. This…

Demonstration of Tactical Parachute system

We came back from the Air Force Base in Izmir after conducting the presentation of the tactical parachute system.During demo,…

Next Tactical Parachute Training

Next Tactical Parachute Training will be conducted by Avitec, this time in Izmir….

Troop parachute training in Ankara

Once again we will visit Ankara to conduct lasting 1-week the troop parachute training for Turkish Air Forces….

XXXI International Defence Industry Exhibition (MSPO)

On September 5-8, 2023, we took part in the 31st International Defense Industry Exhibition (MSPO) organized by Targi Kielce where…

31st International Defence Industry Exhibition (5-8.09.2023) MSPO 2023

Polish and global defence industry leaders’ expo stands showcase helicopters, armoured equipment….


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